Shooting with Accuracy!


I always talk about the fancy word (as the kids call it) accuracy when it comes to working with targets.  For our soccer unit, I always try to think of new ways to challenge the students to aim straight for their target.  In this activity, the older grades had challenges at each station.  Using my feet, I would measure different distances to separate two barriers.  I walked in a straight line with 6 of my feet, then 5 of my feet, and so on all the way down to just one of my feet.  Students had to try to kick the ball through the space (keeping it on the ground) and get it into the goal in order to score a goal.  After a few minutes, students rotated to the next station.  Students quickly realize that the wider the space, the easier it is…and the narrower the space, the harder it is.

Younger grades worked on kicking a ball from different distances to test how hard they would have to kick a ball, and to show them that the further you are away from your target, the harder it gets to get the ball in the goal!

Dribbling & Passing


The the second activity in our soccer unit, students practiced the skills of dribbling and passing a little more. The first activity is called “Freeze Dribble” to have the students practice with their own ball, and work on controlling the ball/keeping it close to their body. The second activity is to pass with a partner. Passing with just one person gives the students more touches on the ball to get used to passing it directly to someone.



With a HUGE thanks to Target and Donors Choose, I received 35 brand new yoga mats, a storage cart and cartons of disinfecting wipes to use with my classes!  Yoga is a great way to teach kids about their body and how to relax.  In a few weeks, we are going to do a few yoga classes, but until then, here are some yoga poses for kids to try!




I try to have a smoothie every morning for breakfast. I try to mix it up using almond milk and different frozen fruits…but my FAVORITE smoothie is chocolate almond milk, a frozen banana, and a scoop of peanut butter!

Check some of these smoothie recipes out that I found on Pinterest, or be creative with some of your favorite fruits and vegetables!!

Keeper of the Treasure


This is a fun activity I love to do with my students because it keeps them moving! Grades K, 1 and 2 participate in the activity trying to move as fast as they can to collect the most bean bags (treasure).  Grades 3, 4 and 5 have to use strategies and move their bodies different ways to collect pieces of treasure without being tagged by the keepers/guards.


Soccer Skills


For the month of October, my classes will be working on soccer skills.  For the first class of the unit, dribbling will be the main focus.  For dribbling, students need to work on not using their toes and keeping the ball close to their body/control the ball.