Shooting with Accuracy!


I always talk about the fancy word (as the kids call it) accuracy when it comes to working with targets.  For our soccer unit, I always try to think of new ways to challenge the students to aim straight for their target.  In this activity, the older grades had challenges at each station.  Using my feet, I would measure different distances to separate two barriers.  I walked in a straight line with 6 of my feet, then 5 of my feet, and so on all the way down to just one of my feet.  Students had to try to kick the ball through the space (keeping it on the ground) and get it into the goal in order to score a goal.  After a few minutes, students rotated to the next station.  Students quickly realize that the wider the space, the easier it is…and the narrower the space, the harder it is.

Younger grades worked on kicking a ball from different distances to test how hard they would have to kick a ball, and to show them that the further you are away from your target, the harder it gets to get the ball in the goal!