2014-2015 School Year


Despicable Me Memory Workout

Posted Friday, February 6, 2015

Many people have played the matching card game called “memory”.  At this point, everyone knows that I love the movies Despicable Me & Despicable Me 2…and that I love all things “minion”!  To incorporate exercise into this exciting activity, every time a student flipped two cards over and the cards did not match, the entire team would have to do an exercise together.  If the cards ended up matching, the team got a free pass and did not have to do an exercise.  This activity had students focus on working together and paying attention to the cards that their teammates flipped over in order to try to find all 24 possible matches.  Grades K, 1 and 2 did 5 jumps as their penalty, and grades 3, 4 and 5 were given a fitness dice to determine the number of times they did the exercise that I announced for them to do.

Sideline Soccer

Posted Friday, February 6, 2015

Grades 3, 4 and 5 participated in an activity called “sideline soccer” where they were able to bring all of the skills that they have learned from the soccer/ball handling with feet unit together into one class.  Classes were split up into 3 or 4 teams, with 2 teams playing soccer against each other, while the other 2 teams were spread out along the sidelines to retrieve any of the balls that went out of bounds.  Students were able to demonstrate dribbling, trapping, passing and shooting with their feet.

Soccer Dribbling

Posted Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Dribbling a ball with your feet has a lot to do with control.  The ball should be close to your body by gently tapping the ball with each foot as you move forward, instead of kicking the ball far in front of you.  To work on control, the younger grades practiced dribbling in lines (taking turns) to get comfortable with dribbling.  After some practice, each student got their own ball and they played “Freeze Dribble”, which is similar to “Freeze Dance”.  When the music was playing, students dribbled the ball around the gym, keeping control of the ball.  When the music stopped, students had to stop the ball and freeze their body.  The older grades practiced dribbling in lines, and then participated in dribble relay lines to work on dribbling with control and speed.

Soccer Shooting

Posted Tuesday, January 27, 2015

To continue to work on accuracy with kicking a ball, students participated in activities that involved pop-up soccer nets.  The younger grades worked on shooting the ball at the net for 5 minutes, then moving the distance further away, and continuing from a further distance to learn about accuracy and power behind kicking a ball.  The older grades worked on passing the ball to a teammate after they ran around a pole, that student trapped the ball by lifting their foot off of the ground and “cushioning” the ball gently, and then aiming at their groups goal.  Each goal and pole were at different distances to have students practicing kicking the ball lightly or hard.

Soccer Bowling

Posted Wednesday, January 14, 2015

To start our unit on soccer/kicking, students participated in an activity called “Soccer Bowling”.  Six stations were set up, with six bowling pins at each station.  Each grouping of bowling pins was set up differently/spaced out differently to have the students work on accuracy when kicking a ball at a target.  To properly kick a ball, students learned that their “non-kicking foot” would be positioned next to the ball, with their toes pointing at the target.  They would then turn their kicking foot to the side so that they would be kicking the ball with their instep, or inside, of their foot.  By pulling their kicking foot back, they would strike the ball by swinging their foot forward.  Once a group was able to knock down all six of their bowling pins, students would then set the bowling pins back up and rotate to the next station while noticing the difference in how the pins would be set up and figure out how to work on their accuracy at this station.

Just Dance

Posted Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Seeing that technology is a big part of today’s society, I always try to find ways to incorporate technology into my Physical Education class to show my students that you can exercise while using technology.  While I don’t love video games, I do love the video games that make you move your body like Just Dance for XBox 360 or Wii…and I know that many of my students do too.  Using a projector, I put some of the videos of Just Dance onto my wall in the gym for the students to follow.  Younger grades used Just Dance for Kids or Just Dance Disney, while older grades used Just Dance 2015.  This is a great way for students to exercise and have fun at the same time.  The video below is a long video, but the classes did so great that I had to include a lot of them!

Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?

Posted Wednesday, January 7, 2014

Inspired by the popular movie that you may have watched a million times…this activity had the students build a snowman using equipment from my Physical Education closet on the gym floor.  I provided a diagram for students to use as a guide with specific shapes so they could match the equipment with the part of the snowman.  

Fitness Bootcamp

Posted Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A big passion of mine is fitness.  This is one of my favorite lessons to do with my students because it gives them the chance to learn about using different muscles while exercising while also doing cardio.  Students rotated through the 13-station circuit training workout for a minute at each station with a 20 second break in between.  Students also learned how to workout with a partner and could encourage and motivate each other.

Thanksgiving Word Scramble

Posted Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Students in grades 3-5 participated in a cardio activity that included a Thanksgiving themed word scramble.  The classes were split into groups of 4-5 students and were given one word scramble for the group.  Working on one word at a time, if the group solved a word, they would have me check it.  If they solved the word correctly, they ran to the opposite wall and back to work on the next word.  If they got stuck and couldn’t figure out the word, they were able to get a hint from me, but it came with a penalty of 5 jumping jacks!  

Turkey Roll & Color

Posted Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Students in grades 1 and 2 participated in an activity that had them practice counting and adding numbers with dice.  Groups were given a Thanksgiving Turkey worksheet with numbers on it.  After partners rolled the dice and added up the dots on the dice, students colored the number on the worksheet and performed either sit-ups or wall-jumps.

Match the Turkey Feathers

Posted Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Students in grades K-2 participated in an activity that helped them work on matching numbers.  Each group was given a poster of a turkey with black and white feathers instead of colored feathers.  The objective of the activity was to perform various locomotor skills to collect one colored feather at a time and match it on their turkey poster until their turkey was filled with colorful feathers.

Pumpkin Patch

Posted Wednesday, October 29, 2014

For a fall-themed activity, I made cut-outs of 60 pumpkins with different exercises written on the back.  Students did relays to collect one pumpkin at a time to bring it back to their team’s pumpkin bucket.  For kindergarten and 1st grade, once all of the pumpkins were gone from the “pumpkin patch”, one student would pull a pumpkin out of their bucket and we would perform that exercise together as a group.  For grades 2-5, students worked together to empty out their bucket and figure out which exercise they collected the most of, and that would be the exercise that their group performed.  This activity was repeated about 3-4 times during each class.


Pumpkin Patch - EwingMrs. Ewing’s 2nd grade class

Pumpkin Patch - Franzese

Miss Franzese’s 4th grade class

Pumpkin Patch - Griffin

Mrs. Griffin’s 3rd grade class

Pumpkin Patch - Laskey

Mrs. Laskey’s 4th grade class

Pumpkin Patch - Mueller

Mrs. Mueller’s 1st grade class 

Pumpkin Patch - Petrelis

Mr. Petrelis’ 5th grade class 

Pumpkin Patch - BakerMiss Baker’s 3rd grade class

Pumpkin Patch - Renaud

Ms. Renaud’s 1st grade class

Pumpkin Patch - Romano

Mrs. Romano’s 3rd grade class

Pumpkin Patch - 4EllisMrs. Ellis’ 4th grade classPumpkin Patch - BrearleyMrs. Brearley’s 5th grade classPumpkin Patch - Caines Pumpkin Patch - Caines2Ms. Caines’ Kindergarten classPumpkin Patch - KazisMrs. Kazis’ Kindergarten class

5th Grade Autumn Adventure

Posted Friday, October 24, 2014

5th grade always has an exciting year of events planned.  Their first event is the Autumn Adventure where different outdoor activities are planned by their classroom teachers, Mrs. Belanger (art teacher), and myself.  My activity always includes something revolving around teamwork and problem solving, while using their bodies.  This year, my 5th graders were given different words or numbers that they had to spell using their bodies.  This whole activity was about working together, using strategies, and being creative.  Here are some pictures from the challenge!

DREAMDREAM – Mr. Petrelis’ 5th grade classEXERCISEEXERCISE – Mr. Petrelis’ 5th grade classTeamworkTEAMWORK! – Mrs. Brearley’s 5th grade class

CreateCREATE – Mrs. Brearley’s 5th grade class

Body Spelling - 55! – Mrs. Brearley’s 5th grade classBody Spelling - FunFUN – Mrs. Brearley’s 5th grade classBody Spelling - PEP.E. – Mrs. Brearley’s 5th grade class

Body Spelling - 20152015 – Mrs. Sivo’s 5th grade class

Medford StrongMEDFORD STRONG – Mrs. Sivo’s 5th grade class

SchoolSCHOOL – Mrs. Sivo’s 5th grade class

ThinkTHINK – Mrs. Notaro’s 5th grade classTeamTEAM! – Mrs. Notaro’s’ 5th grade class

Fitness Dice

Posted Saturday, October 18, 2014

Thanks to an amazing website, www.DonorsChose.com, and to very generous donors, I received Fitness Dice to use with my Physical Education classes!  It’s a great activity where students learned to exercise in groups and use a checklist to keep track of exercises they were able to complete during their class. 

Each set of dice consisted of even numbers (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12) and exercises (jumping jacks, push-ups, knee bends, toe touches, leg lifts and arm circles).  Taking turns with group members, students would roll the dice to try to complete as many of the exercise combinations as possible (36 total combinations).  Students used the checklist to keep track of each combination they were able to complete and to know which ones they did not have to repeat.  This is a great activity to keep students moving and using every part of their body!

Fitness Dice - 2Ellis

Mrs. Ellis’ 2nd grade classFitness Dice - Bello

Mrs. Bello’s 1st grade class

Fitness Dice - Burke

Miss Burke’s 3rd grade class

Fitness Dice - D'Anna 2 Fitness Dice - D'Anna

Mrs. D’Anna’s 4th grade class

Fitness Dice - Flynn

Miss Flynn’s 2nd grade class

Fitness Dice - Franzese

Miss Franzese’s 4th grade class

Fitness Dice - Griffin

Mrs. Griffin’s 3rd grade class Fitness Dice - Laskey

Mrs. Laskey’s 4th grade class

Fitness Dice - McGlynn

Miss McGlynn’s 2nd grade class

Fitness Dice - Romano

Mrs. Romano’s 3rd grade class Fitness Dice - Sivo

Mrs. Sivo’s 5th grade class

Deck of Cards Workout

Posted Thursday, October 16, 2014

A deck of cards can be used for many things…including exercise!  My students participated in the Deck of Cards workout, where each suit (hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades) represented a different exercise.  When a student would pull a card from the deck, they would match up the suit with the list and tell their group which exercise they will be doing.  Whatever number the card was, that is the number of repetitions the group would do for the exercise (i.e. 8 of hearts would be 8 line jumps!).  A Joker (J), Queen (Q) and King (K) equals 10, and an Ace (A) equals 11.  There were two rounds for the activity, if the group finished the deck with the first round, they were given a second white board with new exercises for each suit.  This activity is a great workout, and it can be very fun, especially when it is done with a group!


Deck of Cards

Deck of Cards - 4Ellis

Mrs. Ellis’ 4th grade class

 Deck of Cards - Baker

Miss Baker’s 3rd grade class

Deck of Cards - BrearleyMrs. Brearley’s 5th grade class

Deck of Cards - EwingMrs. Ewing’s 2nd grade class

Deck of Cards - Franzese 2 Deck of Cards - Franzese 3 Deck of Cards - Franzese 4 Deck of Cards - Franzese

Miss Franzese’s 4th grade class

Deck of Cards - Laskey 2 Deck of Cards - Laskey

Mrs. Laskey’s 4th grade class

Deck of Cards - Notaro

Mrs. Notaro’s 5th grade class

Deck of Cards - Petrelis 2 Deck of Cards - Petrelis 3 Deck of Cards - Petrelis 4 Deck of Cards - Petrelis

Mr. Petrelis’ 5th grade class & Mrs. Prouty’s class

Zig Zag Workout

Posted Thursday, October 16, 2014

To introduce more activities around cardiovascular exercise, or cardio (easier for my students to remember and pronounce!), I developed a zig-zag pathway workout. A pathway is a route or course that a person is moving their body in.  Cardio exercise involves movements that increases your heart rate and improves the amount of oxygen in your blood.  I ask my students to take notice of how fast their hearts are beating, how heavy their breathing is, how warm their body gets, if they start to sweat, etc.  This activity had the students moving their bodies in different speeds and motions through a zig-zag pathway.  It helped the students learn to stop their body and turn to face a different direction every time they got to one of the cones.  Students walked, jogged, ran and galloped through the pathway.  

Zig Zag 2 

Zig Zag - Baker 2 Zig Zag - Baker 3 Zig Zag - Baker

Miss Baker’s 3rd grade class

Zig Zag - Bello 2 Zig Zag - Bello 3 Zig Zag - Bello 4 Zig Zag - Bello

Mrs. Bello’s 1st grade class

Zig Zag - Burke

Miss Burke’s 3rd Grade class

Zig Zag - D'Anna

Mrs. D’Anna’s 4th grade class

Zig Zag - Ellis 2 Zig Zag - Ellis 3 Zig Zag - Ellis 4 Zig Zag - Ellis

Mrs. Ellis’ 2nd grade class

Zig Zag - Ewing 2 Zig Zag - Ewing

Mrs. Ewing’s 2nd grade class

Zig Zag - Laskey 2 Zig Zag - Laskey 4 Zig Zag - Laskey 3

Zig Zag - Laskey

Mrs. Laskey’s 4th grade class

Zig Zag - Mueller 2

Mrs. Mueller’s 1st grade class

Zig Zag - Petrelis 2 Zig Zag - Petrelis 3 Zig Zag - Petrelis

Mr. Petrelis’ 5th grade class

 Zig Zag - Renaud 2  Zig Zag - Renaud

Zig Zag - Renaud 3

Ms. Renaud’s 1st grade class

Zig Zag - Rickenbacker

Ms. Rickenbacker’s 1st grade class

Zig Zag - Romano 2 Zig Zag - Romano

Mrs. Romano’s 3rd grade class

Medford Community Day

Posted Wednesday, October 15, 2014

On Sunday, September 21st, the City of Medford had an amazing event, Community Day.  It was great to see people from all over the city come together to support local businesses, participate in crafts, play fun games, and learn about different activities that happen around Medford.  A huge thank you goes out to our McGlynn Elementary School PTG for their nail painting, fall arts & crafts activity, and for bringing the 1981 NBA Championship Trophy from the Boston Celtics!  Here are a few pictures I took from Community Day.


1981 NBA Championship Trophy with Gianna (grade 4), Nicky (grade 4), Sydney (grade 5) & Kaylie (grade 5)!


8th Annual Granara-Skerry Pancreatic Cancer 5k

Posted Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Every year, many of my family and friends participate in the Granara-Skerry Pancreatic Cancer 5k Walk/Run in Medford.  It is a cause that is very near and dear to our hearts.  The Granara-Skerry Trust is a non-profit organization that holds multiple charity events to raise money and awareness for panreatic cancer  and pancreatic cancer research done at Mass. General Hospital in Boston.  To date, Granara-Skerry Trust has raised over $670,000 for Pancreatic Cancer Research!  Check out their website at www.granaraskerry.org for more information and to donate!

Here is a picture of myself and Gianna from Mrs. Laskey’s 4th grade class with big smiles before we start the 5k run down Winthrop Street in Medford that took place on Saturday, September 27th!


Family Exercise Night #1

Posted Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Everyone knows how passionate I am about my students being active…what I want is for my students to encourage their families to stay active with them!  This year, I plan on having a few Family Exercise Nights to encourage that goal.  The first Family Exercise Night for our school took place on Thursday, September 25th.  I would like to thank Carla Passacantilli from Whole Foods-Medford for presenting such great, valuable information to my students and their families in our school’s auditorium!  I was so happy to hear that so many of the kids were asking questions and were able to give excellent answers throughout the presentation!  The activity that I held in the middle school gym for families was the Fitness Relay activity that I did with my classes in September (see the page titled “2014-2015 School Year to learn about the activity).  I look forward to having MANY more events in the future, stay tuned for dates!


Hungry, Hungry Hippos

Posted Wednesday, October 15, 2014

There are many skills that my students will learn, practice, refine and master in my Physical Education class while they are in elementary school. Some of those skills, that are skills that they actually use almost every day, are called locomotor skills, or skills where you move your body from one location to another. The seven main locomotor skills are walking, running, skipping, hopping, leaping, jumping and galloping.  To practice the locomotor skills, my students were using their imagination to pretend that they were playing a “real life” version of the board game “Hungry, Hungry Hippos”.  There were four teams, one “hippo family” in each corner of the gym.  Each group of hippos had their own food bucket to collect their food items in.  Every round, “the hippos” would move their bodies with a different locomotor skill to collect a piece of food from the middle of the gym (miscellaneous equipment).  At the end of each round, teams would count how much food they were able to collect for their family, then we would start another round!

HHH - Franzese HHH - Franzese 2

HHH - Franzese 3     IMG_2962

Miss Franzese’s 4th grade class

HHH - Griffin

Mrs. Griffin’s 3rd grade class

HHH - Notaro HHH - Notaro 2

Mrs. Notaro’s 5th grade class

Fitness Relays

Posted Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Before we start an activity in any of my classes, we always do warm-up exercises and stretches to get our bodies ready and loose.  To tie our warm-up exercises into the class activity, the lesson was “Fitness Relays”, where the students would run to one end of the gym, and would have to complete a certain exercise before returning back to their line to continue the relay.  This is a fun activity where students were moving their bodies in many different ways and getting a great workout!



Posted Tuesday, Sept. 23, 2014

It is a rule in my class that students MUST be wearing sneakers in order to participate in the activity.  It is a SAFETY rule!  To help students remember what day they have my Physical Education class (and to decorate my gym a little bit!), students decorated their own pair of sneakers…one sneaker is hung up in my gym, and they other is their “reminder sneaker”.  It was their choice to put it in their locker, in their folder, or somewhere at home to make sure they wear sneakers on the day they have Phys. Ed!  Here are pictures of what each classes designs look like!


Sneakers - Gr 5GRADE 4Sneakers - Gr 4GRADE 3IMG_2940[1]GRADE 2Sneakers - Gr 2GRADE 1Sneakers - Gr 1

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